Vote Yes for Libraries
Bart Hansen for Vancouver City Council 2010

Levy explanation

People using the library's computersA library story: Monday, 8:50 am. A single mother, recently laid off, arrives at Cascade Park Community Library. She no longer has Internet access at home, and wants to be first in line that day for an Internet computer to fill out online job applications. Two people are walking away from the library. She tries the doors herself. Locked. She finally notices the sign: the library's closed on Mondays. "Where do I go now?" she wonders.

We have a chance on August 17 to help get back the library services our communities need now more than ever. We can restore the hours the library had to cut in 2009, so libraries are open when people need them. We can increase the inadequate book budget to get the resources people need into their hands.

This is not a new tax. The measure -- a "levy lid lift" -- will restore the library district's operations and maintenance levy to the full $0.50 per $1,000 assessed valuation.

This is the first time in 17 YEARS that the library has asked voters for an increase in their operations levy.

The library has earned our yes vote. They've cut expenses and trimmed services to stay within reduced revenues. But now they're having to cut critical, basic services, and future additional cuts are likely without passage of the levy.

Libraries are the heart of our community.

Please help and vote yes on August 17.

Click here for more details about the levy.